Georgian Tekvan-do I.T.F federation was founded in 2010. The founders are: Lasha Jologua,Zaza Chelidze and Levan Tsaretashvili. Our organization incorporates different cities and regions of Georgia. It has more than 200 members. Foundation of this organization was necessary in order to maintain and strengthen traditional Taekvan-do (itf) processes in Georgia. We are not going to start the new job; we only share the world’s leading states’ experience, we share current events going in these states. Because of this fact we think that Taekvan-do is one of the world’s perspective martial arts in the world. We are representatives of this perspective sport and are trying to involve more and more people in the health style of life. Our organization makes accent on youth who want to build their future themselves and who does not have fare of obstacles. According to federation’s project, adults who have the will, after finishing some training, would be appointed as teacher supporters in our sport halls. Then, after taking some exams, they would be able to open their own sport halls. Because of the internal revelries, which are characteristics of all concurrent organization, we had to restore the web site for several times. Now, the site is launched on April 2012. All the information is written simultaneously, so if you find some inaccuracy, we are sorry for it. Our organization would be further improved in the future.

Levan Tsaretashvili

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