The main principles of Taekwon-Do

1. Courtesy

2 Honesty

3 Assiduity

4 Self-control

5 Indomitable spirit of these principles should guide the students to the physical growth but also spiritual growth. The Taekwon-Do is also designed to increase the righteous, determined and hard working people. Therefore the exercises is not only the head of the coach, but also a teacher.

Taekwon-Do Oath

1. I promise to comply with the rules of Taekwon-Do.

2 I will respect the teacher and the senior belts.

3 I promise not to use Taekwon-Do abuse.

4 I will be an advocate for freedom and justice.

5 I will help build a more peaceful world. oath is to bind the Taekwon-Do enthusiast to follow the rules and to act as a moral right. The teacher and students can rely on each other. Infuse no one will swear lightly, with no real commitment. Grout the races is read, and the graduation of the camps, and sometimes the normal at the beginning of training.

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