Seminar with Oleg Solovei in Georgia.


 On the 26th to the 27th of December, over 100 members of ITF clubs from around the country, Tbilisi, Poti, Senaki and Martvili, were attending technical seminar led by Oleg Solovey (lV Dan) who is the National Coach and also Vice-President of Ukrainian ITF Taekwondo Federation. He is recognised as a one of the best coaches in the world. It was a great pleasure to invite such a great coach Mr Oleg Solovey. With the head of Martvili Sport Committee and the Senior Members of Georgian TaekwonDo Federation. They visited and tasted the unique Georgian Red Wine “Ojaleshi” which is made of grape that grows only in a place also called “Ojaleshi” He complimented the improvements we have made in our federation in past year. In 2013 representatives of Georgian ITF Federation took part in most of the events run by internacional Taekwondo Federation which is great success for federation and is a first for our team.

27 დეკემბერს წარმატებული სემინარის და შეხვედრების შემდეგ დას,საქართველოში, ოლეგი ესტუმრა თბილელ სპორტსმენებსაც სადაც მონაწილეობა მიიღო 36-მა სპორტსმენმა.

შეხვედრა დასრულდა რესტორანში ‘’ძველი ქალაქი’’,სადაც სტუმარმა ნახა ქართული ტრადიციული ცეკვები და ასევე ტრადიციული სამზარეულო.

Georgian TaekwonDo Federation would like to thank Oleg Solovey for the friendly support shown by him to the Georgian TaekwonDo team

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