The Story Spirits

A Tale of Korea

There was once a boy who loved stories. His name was Dong Chin, and every night at bedtime he listened to stories from a favorite family servant, a man named Pak. Now, Dong Chin was a fine boy, but there was one bad thing about him. He didn’t like to share the stories he heard. He wanted to keep them to himself. So every night after listening, he said, “Mr. Pak, make me a promise.


The 19th King of Goguryeo This story portrays the life of the 19th king of Goguryeo. Jumong, the founder of Goguryeo, establish Goguryeo with his Four Gods: Cheong-ryong (Blue Dragon), Baek-ho (White Tiger), Joo-jak (Phoenix), Hyeon-mu (symbolized as a turtle intertwined with a snake). Jumong marries Soseono, who had a big part in the founding of Goguryeo. They have two sons, Onjo and Biryu. When the son of Jumong’s first wife came to Goguryeo in search of his father, and is named Crown Prince, Soseono takes her sons, Onjo and Biryu, South and establishs Baekje. 

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